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UDPing is a support utility that can be used to verify if the UDP protocol is open on the port of your choosing.  It will try to send a UDP ping to a specific I.P. address using a specific port number.


The UDPing.exe application is provided “as is” and my be used at your own risk.  We recommend that you do not use the UDPing utility without first consulting a support representative about your communication issue with the UDP protocol.  No technical support is available for this free utility.

Instructions to run the udping utility:

Be sure to quit any Netop applications that are listening on the port number you are trying to test on both computers.

Place the udping.exe on the C drive of both the sending and receiving machines.

In the command prompt (Run as administrator) on both computers change directories so you are at the root of C:

From the command prompt, on the receiving machine at the root, type:

udping [receiver's I.P. address]:port# -x

It is now listening on that I.P. address and port. (the -x makes it the listener)

From the command prompt on the sending machine at the root, type:

udping [receiver's I.P. address]:port#

The I.P. address and port number you are sending to is the same as what you typed on the receiver side.

The default port number for Netop Remote Control is 6502.

For example:
on the receiving computer the command would look like this
udping -x
on the sending computer type the same thing except no -x

Then try the communication going the other direction by switching the roles of the sending and receiving computers.  This will establish that the communication protocol is open in both directions.

Links to download the UDPing utility are found at the bottom of this article.  It is available to download as an EXE file or ZIP file.

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