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Clever integration

In order for your Vision for Chromebooks account to use Clever (instead of the default Google Classroom setup), please follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to your Netop account manager and let us know that you want to switch to Clever.
  2. The account manager will send an email to the contact linked to your license to confirm the change and make the Clever application request.
  3. Once the confirmation comes to the account manager, Clever will be enabled. 
  4. The Netop team will send an email to the license contact with the information required for the application to work with Clever.
  5. Once the license contact has received the email with the District ID you will need to enable Clever authentication.
    1. You can get sample configuration files here
    2. If you are already using a configuration file please append the new configuration options to your existing file (instead of using the example files) as per the examples in the user manual. 


  • The 30 day trial does not use Clever; only Google Classroom.
  • You do not have to pay anything extra to switch to Clever
  • The process for switching to Clever may take up to two days from the time the contact person confirms the move with us.


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