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Migration from the Chrome apps to the native apps


Google has announced that it will phase out the Chrome apps on all platforms except for Chrome OS. The announcement is available here. It seems that sometimes in 2018, the support will be removed.

The Teacher application is a Chrome app. Therefore, we have created a replacement of the app for the users who use Windows. We will not remove support from the existing Teacher app, but Google will stop making it available at a certain point.

Therefore we strongly recommend moving to the new native Teacher app for Windows.

How to migrate

Teachers working on Windows

  1. On your Windows machine download and install the application from the links below (System requirements are available here):
    • 32 bit – download .exe file here
    • 64 bit – download .exe file here
  2. Once installed, launch the Vision Teacher for Chromebooks application and login using your regular G Suite user. The experience is similar to the Chrome app.
  3. Please provide us feedback on the new Teacher app here.

Teachers working on Chrome OS

No change is required on Chrome OS. The application is still available as a Chrome app (same link).

Teachers working on macOS

There is no application available from Netop which runs natively on macOS. For the time being please use the application which is still available as a Chrome app (same link).

Please sign up here, and we will send you an email once the application is available on macOS.



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