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Mouse pointer disappears on Windows servers during remote control

When remote controlling a Host running on certain hardware it may happen that the mouse pointer in the Host window disappears when the Guest mouse enters the Host window. This behavior has been seen on HP hardware based Windows Server variants that do not have a mouse attached.

There are two ways to work-around the problem:

  • Change mouse settings in the Guest application.
  • Change mouse settings in Windows environment on the Host computer.

Change mouse settings in the Guest application:

  1. In the Guest application under the Quick Connect tab (global setting) select Connection Properties, or in the Phonebook under the specific Host entry's Connection Properties, click the tab Keyboard/Mouse.
  2. Under "Mouse" select "Local mouse (Only send clicks and drags)"

Change mouse settings in the Windows environment on the Host computer:

  1. Open the Control Panel and select "Ease of Access Center".
  2. Select "Make the mouse easier to use.
  3. Checkmark "Turn on mouse Keys".


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