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Why student computers from another classroom are appearing in my classroom

Applies to:  Vision6 all versions, Vision7 all versions, Vision 8 all versions, Vision Pro 7.3 or higher
On occasion a client from another classroom may appear inside your classroom despite you not choosing to add them to your classroom. When this occurs, you will notice that at least one of the computers that should be present in your classroom is not connected.

The reason this occurs is that one of your computers, let's call it ComputerA, is resolving to a bad IP address. This IP address is the IP address ComputerB actually has so the master successfully connected to ComputerB thinking it's ComputerA. Now if ComputerB is not in the classroom, he will not be actually added to the classroom, but a thumbnail for that computer will appear in the Dashboard.

To resolve this issue, you need to consult with your IT department to figure out why ComputerA is resolving to ComputerB's IP address. This is typically the result of duplicate entries in the DNS server for ComputerA but there are a number of possible reasons.  If you have further questions regarding this, please contact Technical Support.
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