Whitelisting applications (EN)

Starting with Netop Host version 12.72, you can whitelist specific running applications as part of any role definition on the Host. Through whitelisting, a Guest user remote controlling the Host will only be able to see and control the whitelisted applications. Both keyboard and mouse will not be transmitted to other applications except the whitelisted ones and any non-whitelisted application will be masked out from the remote view.

Configuring application whitelisting


Recommended but not required:


The steps below are to be executed on the Netop Host.

  1. Go to your Netop configuration files folder. Here is the default path to the Host's configuration files by Windows operating system:

    Windows 7 32-bit, Server 2008 32-bit, Vista 32-bit
    C:\ProgramData\Netop\Netop Remote Control\Host

    Windows 7 64-bit, Server 2008 64-bit, Vista 64-bit
    C:\ProgramData\Danware Data\C\Program Files (x86)\Netop\Netop Remote Control\Host
  2. Create and edit a file called whitelisted.txt
  3. Add the applications which should be accessible by the Remote Control users, one per line. See below more details on how to edit the whitelisted.txt  file.
  4. in the Host, access Tools - Guest Access Security , and choose one of the above Guest Access Methods
  5. Either change an existing security role, or create a new one
  6. On the right side of the security role definition, choose Yes for the Whitelisted applications option
  7. Add users or groups to the above security role. Those users will only be able to access the whitelisted applications.
    Note that you can still have other security roles which provide full access to the Host.

Things to consider

Defining the whitelisted applications

Whitelisted applications are defined in the whitelisted.txt file, one application per line, in any of the following ways:

Customizing the whitelisted.txt location

If you would like to have the whitelisted.txt file in a different location than the Netop configuration files folder, you can customize it in the netop.ini configuration file. 

To do that, edit the netop.ini file located in C:\Windows. Open this file using Notepad and look for the heading [HOST]. Under that heading add WHITELISTING_FILE=[file path], where [file path] represents the new location for the whitelisted.txt file. In the end, netop.ini should contain something like:


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