Connection Manager

Connection Manager

The Connection Manager is a component in the Portal that serves as a meeting hub for the Netop Guests and Hosts and manages the connections between the modules.

We are constantly improving the Portal and add new features. As such a new Connection Manager was developed.

An old Connection Manager is maintained for certain accounts and no longer receives development support or benefits from newly added features.

A member of the support team can switch the account after the following conditions are met.


Benefits of the new Connection Manager

Some of them are:

Improvements are made to the Connection Manager, resulting in fewer disconnects and improved connectivity between the Guest and Host modules.

When using the Netop Portal as a communication profile and the Netop Portal as the Guest Access Method, the Guest module only displays the devices that the current user has permissions to connect to. 

Users who first log in to the Portal are displayed with a welcome screen that provides brief explanations, what options are available when using the Portal, and how you can easily start using the Remote Control suite.

Most of the new features are released only for accounts that use the new Connection Manager.

Note that when making the switch any ongoing remote control sessions are terminated. The Netop Guest and Host will disconnect from the old Connection Manager and connect to the new Connection Manager.


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