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How to force deploy app through Google admin console

Applies to: Vision for Chromebooks all versions

Force deploying the Netop Vision Student (App) and Netop Vision Student Extension is the recommended way to put the app and extension on the student machines. This prevents the students from removing the app and preventing them from being monitored. 

To force deploy the Vision for Chromebook Application and Extension, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Google Admin console and sign in

2. Click 'Device Management'

3. Click 'Chrome Management' on the left

4. Click on 'User settings'

5. Select the Organizational Unit (OU) you wish to deploy the Netop Vision App/Ext to 

6. Once the OU is selected, scroll down to the heading 'Apps and Extensions' and find 'Force-installed Apps and Extensions'

7. Click 'Manage force-installed apps'

8. Click 'Chrome Web Store' and type in 'Netop' and hit Enter

9. Click 'Add' to the right of the App/Ext you want to add to this OU

  1. If force installing to a Student OU, select Netop Vision Student (App) and Netop Vision Student Extension
  2. If force installing to a Teacher OU, select Netop Vision Teacher

10. Click 'Save' two times to make sure everything gets saved. 

11. The App/Ext will show up once the Student/Teacher logs out and back in to the Chromebook

If you have issues with Force deploying the apps, please review the attached video, follow the steps from Google, or contact Netop Support

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